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Tucson, AZ

Phone: +1 520/4843794 +1 520/4843794


E-mail: newdippens@gmail.com


This is my Nibs page and you will find some very nice vintage, uninked, new-old stock nibs at a reasonable price of $2.00 each plus shipping.


Contact me at newdippens@gmail.com or (520) 484-3794 for ordering details.  Quantities are limited.

Esterbrook No. 048 Falcon

Esterbrook No. 442 Jackson Stub

R. Esterbrook No. 556 School Medium Firm

Esterbrook No. 788 Oval Point

R. Esterbrook No. 920 Radio

Esterbrook No. 988 Radio

Turner Harrison No. 506 Dome Point

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