Dip Pens

Tucson, AZ

Phone: +1 520/4843794 +1 520/4843794


E-mail: newdippens@gmail.com





Payment:  I only accept payment through PayPal. Contact me by email at newdippens@gmail.com to place your order and I will send an email request for funds through PayPal to your email address. 



Shipping:  S/H for one pen is $4.00 USPS First Class Mail.  Two or more will be $7.50 USPS Priority Mail.  Nib orders will be shipped at a cost of $4.00 by means of USPS First Class Mail.  I no longer accept or ship International orders.  All orders ship the first Postal business day following confirmed payment.



Occasionally I utilize bone, antler and horn as accent bands.  I do not buy horn, antler or bone where the animal has been killed soley for its bone, antler or horn.  I do not buy or work with any horn or bone of an endangered species.



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