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Calligraphy demands grace and elegance; a higher mind. Yet so often we content ourselves with factory mediocrity and base plastic. The written word, the pinnacle of western culture, commands greater respect then a lifeless mold made pen. Dippens.net pays proper homage to the legacy of the written word and the individual's personal stile. All in all an elegant tool for an elegant art.


Paul Lemay FL



I just wanted to drop in a line and say how much I'm enjoying the pen. It arrived the other day, and I must say the craftsmanship is truly stunning.
Thanks again for the prompt shipping, the nibs, and for putting elegance and beauty back into the art of writing. I hope to one day do business with you again, and I shall be sure to recommend you whenever the opportunity arises.


Sam TN

Hi Steve,
I just picked up the pen as always beautiful and great workmanship. I really appreciate your customer service. It would be nice to see that level with more people.
Thank you again for my pen.

Chas ID

The pen arrived and it is amazing! Thanks again for such a quick turnaround and for creating such an item. I will enjoy using it for years to come.

The pen and nibs came today, beautiful pen, thank you.
And thanks for the nibs, as expected they are all different. Now I need to practice using them.
Thanks again.

Wow! This pen is fantastic! I will definitely be ordering more from you folks!!!


Jim NM

Hi Steve,
Hawaiian Ironwood and Ebony #255-12 is BEAUTIFUL!
Also the nibs you included gave me variations to experience this old school way of writing.
Great simple website, excellent pictures, exquisite craftsmanship, and superior customer service!
gc. HI

Hello. I received the dip pen. It's amazing. Good weight and perfect length. Thank you so much.

Phil CO

Hi Steve,

My new Leadwood & Honduras Rosewood dip pen holder arrived today. It's excellent: I'm very happy with it. It feels just right to hold in the hand, plus it has a beautiful smooth feel to it, plus it's nice to look at!

Thanks for your prompt service.

Thanks also for the ink nibs that came with the holder.

Best regards,

Andrew Victoria, Australia

I received the pen yesterday. What a solid and beautifully finished nib holder. Thanks for creating such a great product with such care.
Bob WA


The pens arrived safely in the mail yesterday and I'd like to express my joy at seeing them in hand. They're wonderful. Since these are going to be Christmas presents, I'll have to order a few for myself in the near future.

Best wishes,

John Ontario, Canada

Hello Steve,

The nib holder arrived the other day, much sooner than I had anticipated. It is every bit as lovely as I had hoped, and quite comfortable in hand. Thank you again.

Richard NY


It just arrived, and it looks and feels amazing. I’ve just done some quick work with some Speedball nibs, and so far everything is perfect. It’s a beautiful and practical piece of art, and I want to thank both of you for making it available for me to purchase.


Josh VA

I received my order of two nib holders today. I must say I am highly pleased with beauty you have bestowed on my desk. Both pieces are outstandingly done and have a beautiful finish. I will be using these for years to come.
Jeff NC


Greetings Steve,
I received the pen and the nibs today. Packages from you seem to arrive here more quickly than any others that are sent to me..
Thanks for including the additional nibs at no charge. I really enjoy using different ones, and I use you pens all the time. The pens truly are works of art.
John NY

Hi Steve,

Just a brief note to tell you that the pen and nibs came in today, and all are an absolute joy to use: smooth, well-balanced, and beautiful. I could feel the love that went into this piece the minute I unwrapped it. Thank you for (unknowingly) creating this pen for me! I'll definitely be ordering from you guys again in the future.

Ben NY


Got the pens - thank you for the fast shipment - they are very nice, as always.

Thank you again for the pleasant transaction.

Ashot CA

Dear Steve,

I received your dip pens last Friday.
They are exquisite and of great balance and style.
I love the choice of wood combination. It's hard for me choose any of them for my friend....lol.
And thank you so much for those extra nibs. They are all of great quality.
Thank you for creating such beautiful dip pen holders for people who still in passion of the old fashion handwriting.

Daphne Tiawan


Hi Steve,
on Monday I received your wonderful pen. It was at my local post office as early as on Friday but I couldn't pick it up and spent the weekend looking forward to it. It is so much more beautiful than in the picture and it fits my hand like it was made right for me. I enjoy the nibs very much as well. I haven't seen them around here in the Czech republic, neither have I seen such a dip pen before. So far I have written one letter with it and it was pure joy - the colours, the shape, the weight, the sound of the nib on the paper, the whole feel of the pen. I am only sorry I can't draw at all and the pen is for writing only.
I wish you many more beautiful pens and happy customers.
Czech republic


The pens DID arrive this morning... They are stunning!! Photos really don't do them justice -- absolutely beautiful! Feel good in my hand -- nice shape, weight and good balance. Couldn't be more pleased!

Leon NY


The two pens arrived today. It was very kind of you to include the two extra nibs. The craftsmanship is superb and the pens have a great feel to them. It is nice to know such things still exist in our increasingly mass production world. Thanks again.

John OH

Hi Steve,

The pen is gorgeous, well balanced and a fantastic bargain. Your service was wonderful and the great nibs are icing on the cake. Thank you so very much. I'm a very happy customer : ).

Derek CA


Hello Steve,

Just wanted to let you know I received the penholder and nibs earlier
this week and I have to say . . . the photo of the penholder did not
do it justice! It is absolutely stunning in person! I got the one
with the Sedona Tru Stone and Pawdaak (not sure I spelled that right)
wood. Wow!
K.O.  Ohio

I just got my custom dip pen yesterday and I began writing with it immediately! I absolutely love it. My wife has never used a fountain pen in her life but after seeing mine and holding it she is thinking that she might want to try a dip pen herself! I immediately told her that we would look at your website and let her pick something out. You will also be my go-to place for replacement nibs and things like that strictly because of the quality of your product and the amazing friendly customer service. It is truly refreshing to find people like you guys that still provide the old personal touch to business. Thanks you again!
S.H.  Texas


Your pens are irresistible. I would like to purchase #059-12 and #060-12.
E.D. Oregon 
I received my recent order of two pens today, one for myself and one for
my wife. We are very impressed with the quality. Thank you for a great
F.S.  Oregon

I just received the three pen holders.
They are truly works of art.
Lovely to behold;
Wonderful in the hands.

I am awed.

I want to place an order for another 3 more.
E. L.  Singapore


Hi Steve,

The pens arrived today and they're everything the photos promised. Beautiful and comfortable in the hand. I was not expecting nibs to be included so that was a nice surprise.

I'm looking forward to using them and to showing them off.

Thanks Again!
J. H.  Canada

I got the pens today, and I must say I was greatly surprised. They look SO much better in person than in the pictures, and I thought the pictures looked great! The craftsmanship on each pen is superb. I have dozens of antique dip pens, and a few new ones, and nothing compares to the quality of your pens.
B.F.  Michigan

Dear Steve: thank you so much for the gorgeous pen. The photo did not do it justice. I love it and both nibs write well.
A.M.  California

Recieved the pen staff today and it is AWESOME! It is georgeous. Really beautifully made.Love the Esterbrook 48 Falcon nib as well. I will have to learn to work larger and looser with this nib and look forward to that.
P.P.  Texas

Hi Steve,
I received my nib holder today & was just blown away. The photo did not do it justice. Not only are the materials first rate but the craftsmanship & artistry are outstanding. It's almost too nice to use on anything but high class wedding invitations (almost). Thanks also for the same day shipping. I plan to be dealing with you again.
S.H.  Texas

Steve, the pen arrived, and it's even better than it looked in the picture. Thanks again, I love it. I'll be in touch, this is probably a bad new addiction.
M. S. South Carolina
Thanks Steve and Pippa for the beautiful pen holder! Not only is it pretty, it writes very well – great balance!
K.M.  Louisiana

Hello Steve,

All of the pens arrived yesterday. Oh, what a wonderful day! They are so much more beautiful than I imagined! I am so impressed and although do not need any more, I have a feeling I will be ordering more.
S.S.  China

Hello Steve,

I hope this finds you well. Your pens arrived while I was in Hong Kong on business, and I just picked them up. They are stunning.
S.S.  China

Hello again Steve,

I got the Pen on Friday! Its beautiful, exactly what I wanted.
A.B.  Canada

My pen, #190-11, arrived safely today. It is just beautiful. Thank you very much.
D.L.  Florida

I received my beautiful new dip pen and nibs yesterday – thank you very much!

Best regards,
H. C. Colorado
I never thought I would start collect Pen Holders.
All the rest I had seen were so plain and positively boring to look at.
Yours are a different class altogether.
E.L.  Singapore
Dear Steve:

The dip pen I ordered arrived today and it is beautiful! I inked the Esterbrook 988 Radio nib and practiced with it this evening and enjoyed how well it wrote. While I am a fountain pen enthusiast, and recognize the greater practicality of ball points and roller balls, there is something to be said for using such a stylish instrument as this! I will be passing on my recommendation to my best friend who is also a pen enthusiast.

Thank you for the help with suggesting a nib and for this work of art!
C.P.  Texas

I received the dip pen today and I just had to let you know what a true work of art it is!! Thank you so much again.
Mary F.  New York

Hi Steve!

I have received all the pens today! OMG I LOVE THEM!!! The weight and wood finish is really nice.

I have posted a pic of it in my Facebook Fountain Pen group, and they are all very impressed. I'm sure you might get a few more orders from Singapore :)

I have not used the pens but i'll probably do so this weekend.

N. C.  Singapore


I just received and opened the package containing my custom pen holders. Only one word to describe them both; STUNNING!

They are beautiful! They are beautiful pieces of art and a tool that I will use with pride!

I love them both and thanks for the extra nibs. I will try them out tonight and can't wait to show them to my wife. Again,...just beautiful!

I was worried after I placed the order that they might be too skinny and thin for my very large hands (and I knew that I had forgotten to mention to you that my hands were big and I wanted a hefty pen holder) but they totally met my expectations and they are perfect! Nice and large!

There may come a time when I may ask you for a large "cigar" shaped pen and that would be spectacular too, but for now,....I'm absolutely loving these! You are a very talented craftsman! 
T. D.  Tennesse



Pen is here and truly beautiful!

D.P.  Oregon 

My dip pen and nibs arrived today, and it's true: the photos don't do them justice. Absolutely beautiful, and the finish is smooth and luxurious in the hand. Larger and a bit heavier than I imagined (and that's ok), I've really enjoyed trying it out tonight. Not to mention that I *totally* forgot I can use all the Speedball nibs I used when I used to do music manuscript preparation.

Thank you, Steve, for your artistry.
J.S.  California 

Steve, got the pens. They are very beautiful. Thank you very much and I hope to buy some more from you soon. :)

Aj  Michigan 

Hello, folks.

I received my pen holder today and it is beautiful! Thank you for a
wonderful, useful, and lovely object. The included nib (an Esterbrook
Radio) was a very pleasant surprise and a perfect complement to the
Esterbrook nib set that I have received from Pendemonium.

Thanks again!

DVV  Maine 

Dear Steve!

Your handcrafted wooden dip pen holders arrived safe and sound today - how they traveled that fast I will never know!

Your woodwork is a class act. I am just starting to dabble with dip pens and was using a plastic holder and wanted to "upgrade." I found your site and also read some kind words about your work on the Fountain Pen Network. So decided to give you a try and I am glad I did.

Thanks for making the entire process so easy.

John  D.C.

I just received my pen and it is much nicer in person. I dipped an Esterbrook Falcon 048 nib and wrote a little bit, it fits beautifully in my hand and lends to very nice work.
Thank you for such great service and fantastically crafted pens. I'm looking forward to getting another.
Chas  Idaho 

Hi Steve,
I got the pen today and I LOVE it! A real jewel. Which I knew it would be.
It feels great. Thank you so much!

Gary  Tennesse




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