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Welcome to Dip Pens


My name is Steve Engen.  I am located in Tucson, AZ.  As an avid wood turner I love creating new dip pens.  Over the years my pens have found homes with calligraphers, artists, writing students, and collectors.


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All of my pens are numbered and unique as to the combination of woods used.  For example, 125-15 would indicate that the pen is the 125th one created in 2015.  I do not take special orders.


Each nib holder has a 4 prong rosette insert and comes with an Esterbrook No. 988 Oval Point nib.  All of the nibs on the Nibs page will fit the pens.


Purchase and shipping information is located on the FAQ page.


Contact me at newdippens@gmail.com or (520) 484-3794 for any other questions you might have.


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